Krazy Kreations is Custom  Welding and Body Fabrication in Denver Colorado for custom hotrods

Krazy Kreations is Custom  
Welding and Body Fabrication. Perfection in Metal.
from... Denver, Colorado.


Custom Welding and Body Fabrication in Denver, Colorado.


Custom Welding

1950 Merc 2 Door. 
Top Chopped 4 1/2 inch. 
Body Channeled 3 1/2 inch. 
Floor is channeled 2 1/2 inches over a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Police Car frame. 
Gull Wing Doors. 
Suicide Deck Lid. 
1970 Rivera Chrome Molding.
Cut in Half?
Kustom Hydraulics

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"Most people do not like to do this kind of work" says Rick about welding and Body Fabrication, "everybody else just slaps some bondo on it." "When its welded by me you know its done right." "That's one of the reasons we do so well in all the shows...the judges can see the "perfection" in the metal."
48 Fleetline Roof?
New Pin-up Girl

BEST Bomb 
BEST 30s

BEST 50s

"Krazy Kreations" Denver, Colorado.

755 Vallejo St. Denver, Colorado 80204 - Phone 720-275-5726

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