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The heartbreaker has moved on but here is a new street rod project from Krazy Kreations in Denver, Colorado. This 1936 Olds was originally built by Rick and Randy Murray. When it was sold the new owner never completed this car and it was resold again. This time it will be finished by Krazy Kreations. photo by Richard Wise

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The World's Most Beautiful Buick !

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 Krazy Kreations takes on United Hot Rods
              February 29th 2012 on Car Warriors.


Hi-performance motors from R&B Performance Denver, Colorado.
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2009- Krazy Kreations Kustom Car Show -- Denver Colorado

--- KOOL105 Radio --- "Outkasts" Car Show
 Rocky Mountain News article ---New 'In-the-Weeds' --- Cava-Stang
Pearl Flames on Chevy SSR ---'Candy Cobalt' Flames on 66 Grand Prix ---
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Rick Murray takes "Best of Show"
at the "Bo Huff Car Show and Movie Shoot."

"Krazy Kreations wins at Goodguys 2005"!   
Rick Murray wins again 2006 at the "Bo Huff Car Show and Movie Shoot" with
 class win in "Coolest 60s".
Check-out 'Under Construction'
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49 Buick - Owner Fred Bishop - Chop and Body work by Krazy Kreations.
Finished 49 Buick - Big 'hit' at Moab car show.

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Randy Murray's beautiful black Grand Prix
'Jillopy' with Randy Murray's (Fantastic Paint) Grand Prix.

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Chopped "39" Chevrolet Hot Rod "on the ground"
Candy Paint
"| Ghost Flames "See specs"


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Denver, Colorado.

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Street Rods and Custom Hot Rods Denver, Colorado | Custom Hot Rods from Krazy Kreations Denver, Colorado.



47 Desoto "2005 Sneak Preview"

Photography and Graphics 2002 Richard F. Wise


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"2002 LowRider
Show Winner"

Chevy Pick-Up "Slammed" shop floor at Krazy Kreations.
This is the Street Rod "shop floor" at Krazy Kreations.

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1936 Oldsmobile Sedan 
"The 39" in Black and White

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6500 N. Federal BLVD Denver, CO 80030

47 DESOTO PT Cruiser | 1970 Buick Riviera-Muscle Car

Rocky Mountain News article | Under Construction | KIA Greybeard Show Winner | "Excursion Slammed"  

47 Desoto "2005 Sneak Preview"

  1966 Pontiac Grand Prix
Coming Soon...Randy Murray,s
'Slammed' 66 Grand Prix


6500 N. Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80030


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"New" from Randy Murray 
"The Shark."

Right side "Fin" from Randy Murrays Murray's Customized 1960 Cadilliac Eldorado code name "The Shark."

There is a New Sheriff in town,
and his name is "The Shark." 
One "Fin" from Randy Murray's 
Customized 1960 Cadillac Eldorado.

Bo Huff

Chevy Delivery Wagon with Air Bags

Pearl Flames

Under Construction



66 Grand Prix


Viva Las Vegas


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