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Custom Interiors and upholstery for Street Rods, Custom Cars, Hot rods, 
Lead Sleds, Lowriders, Restoration, Body Fabrication,
Flames and Custom Paint.  

Denver, Colorado.



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Custom Street Rod Interiors and Upholstery

We provide custom interiors, headliners, carpet and sound compartment covers and molded interior door panels like this VW beetle on the right. We offer the finest in materials and stitching to compliment your custom ride. Of course the first thing everyone notices is exterior, but as soon as they choose to get a closer look that is the time to WOW them with your unique custom upholstery.

These are custom flames molded into the door panel with white "tuck and rolled" interior. Its no wonder this VW was a "Show Winner" in its class.

Custom Interiors for street rods, hot rods, muscle cars, lowriders and rat rods from the Krazy Kreations car club.


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Denver Custom Interiors for Custom Cars, Hotrods, Lead Sleds, Lowriders, Restoration, Body Fabrication, Flames and Custom Paint from Denver, Colorado.
"Krazy Kreations" Denver, Colorado.

755 Vallejo St. Denver, Colorado 80204 - Phone 720-275-5726

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