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The Antioxidant Myth

Greenwood Village Chiropractors and Chiropractic Health Care / Greenwood Village Denver, ColoradoTraditional modern health science continues to uncover ways to decrease the effects of aging upon our bodies. This article highlights studies on free radicals and how the body's own enzymes can be utilized.

Do you have a cabinet full of antioxidant vitamins and supplements?

What would you do if you found out that the hundreds, or thousands, of dollars you have been spending on antioxidant vitamins, juices, berry drinks, powders and supplements were going to waste?

How about you?

The only vitamin I recollect taking as a child was a multi-vitamin whenever my mother slowed me down long enough in the kitchen to make sure it got into my mouth. Fast forward to today...

Today stores and many of our cabinets have almost endless supplies of antioxidant vitamins. if we stopped to add up the cost, it would be no small sum.
When did it all begin?

Greenwood Village Chiropractors / Greenwood Village -Denver, ColoradoIt all started in 1969 with the discovery of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)by Dr. Joe McCord. It was discovered that our bodies naturally create SOD which neutralizes free radicals. You see, we necessitate antioxidant enzymes in our bodies because they annihilate free radicals which are associated with aging. Regrettably, the normal things we do every day like breathing, eating, and exercising produce free radicals which harm our cells. It was thought that if it were possible to wipe out these free radicals, then we could slow down the process of aging.

This discovery spurred the antioxidant business as millions of people listened to the health science community and wanted to protect their bodies. Entire companies were born and billions of dollars per year have been spent ever since. Think of the significant nutrition chain stores now that did not exist in the 1960's.
Greenwood Village Chiropractic Health Care / Greenwood Village -Denver, ColoradoBut what would you do if you learned that "direct antioxidants" (like A, C, and E) and the industry launched as a result of this early research has not really been helping you? Would you be angry? Would you feel helpless?

Although initial studies suggested that antioxidant supplements might promote health, later large
Greenwood Village Chiropractic Healthcare / Greenwood Village -Denver, Coloradoclinical trials did not detect any benefit and suggested instead that excess supplementation may be harmful!

Another problem with direct antioxidants is that our bodies can only utilize 5000-7000 of them per day. Do you know how many free radicals we have in our bodies at one time? 300 sextillion. That is a 3 with 23 zeros behind it.

Denver Chiropractors / Greenwood Village Chiropractic Health Care / Greenwood Village -Denver, ColoradoHere's another key fact: each time a direct antioxidant destroys a free radical, it is destroyed as well. So, if direct antioxidants can only neutralize 5000-7000 free radicals per day, they are destroyed in the campaign, and we have 300 sextillion of them in our bodies at any given time, even if we ate loads of fruits and vegetables and took large quantities of antioxidants, our bodies could only utilize a portion and the rest would go down the drain. It is like trying to fight a forest fire with a squirt gun.

But don't despair. I have not taken you this far to leave you without hope. Thankfully there is a solution.

What scientists have found is that the most effectual way to destroy free radicals is to utilize the body's own natural enzymes.
Did you catch that? ....the body's own natural enzymes.

We are talking about using the power of our own body.
Many in the field of health today are interested in helping the body mend itself. This is a reaction to the "cut and prescribe" model that has been so widespread in the health industry.
Many doctors themselves are questioning the judgment of ordinary practice and asking how they can work with the body instead of against it.

When scientists discovered that our bodies' own antioxidant enzymes can wipe out 1,000,000 free radicals per second, every second, others started doing independent work with one herbal supplement Protandim that spurs the body's production of these natural enzymes because it might help to combat various diseases. Those studies are now underway. What health scientists have found is that this special herbal supplement blend triggers the mitochondria in our cells to manufacture greater quantities of SOD and CAT (catalase). In fact, 30% more SOD, 54% more CAT, and 300% more glutathione. Enough to neutralize one million free radicals per second, every second of every day.
Why would somebody try to do it another way?
Now we know it is feasible to spur the body's own enzyme production to aid it in its fight against free radicals.

Up until right now, we didn't have another way. We were taking direct antioxidants with the understanding that we were doing the best we could with the wisdom we all had.
But now we know better. And this extraordinary, patented herbal supplement blend is yielding such spectacular results that it is changing all we know about how to combat free radicals.
Do you want to help your body fight the effects of aging? visit:

By: Brian Netzel


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