Kustin Korasick - Winner Best Son of the Year Award 2010   Son of the year Award

Best Son of the Year Award - Justin Korasick named son of the year 2010


Denver, Colorado...
Quick thinking son saves his fathers' life

Showing remarkable phone agility Justin Korasick placed the all important 911 call while keeping his father (who was in the midst of a massive heart attack) talking on the line allowing him to remain conscious while the para-medics raced to reach him in time.

"I was in a great deal of pain and very foggy, if not for the decisive action taken by my son I would have been a goner" stated the father. He saved my life.

"Hey, it was my Dad and he was having a heart attack. I work 20 miles from him so I did the only thing possible to give him a chance, I called 911" commented Korasick downplaying the his role in saving his father. "I just did what any good son would do for his dad".